Energy Island Bornholm

Energy Island Bornholm is a large-scale energy project that will make a difference to millions of people throughout the Baltic Sea area - and maybe the rest of the world?

Why build energy islands?

Environment and climate

The energy islands will produce green and sustainable electricity in order for Denmark to rely less on fossil fuels

Energy security in Europe

Energy Island Bornholm will create a secure network of green power for the entire Baltic Sea area

Inspiration for the world

Energy Island Bornholm will be the model for energy islands all over the world

The Energy Island in the Baltic Sea

The agreement about Energy Island Bornholm was made in the Danish Parliament on 20 February 2020. The Energy Island in the Baltic Sea will consist of two fields of offshore wind turbines, a high-voltage (HVDC) converter station located on Bornholm and cables between the turbines, the station and recipients of energy on Zealand and abroad. In addition to the land-based converter station in Bornholm, a similar plant must be constructed in Zealand to receive the power from the energy island. Also, a separate energy island is expected to be built in the North Sea. The Danish Energy Agency and Danish TSO Energinet are responsible for the construction itself, while Bornholm's Regional Municipality (BRK) works closely with local and national actors to create the best possible conditions for green innovation and job creation on Bornholm - now and in the future.

What is an Energy Island?

An energy island makes it possible to establish large wind farms at sea far from the coast. The energy produced by the wind turbines is sent via cables to the energy island, from where it is sent out to consumers. On Bornholm, a high-voltage facility must therefore be established on the island which can receive and distribute the electricity. After that, green power can be sent from Bornholm to millions of consumers in Denmark and Germany. Bornholm's Regional Municipality is working hard to seize the energy island's potential for job creation and local business growth, and on turning Bornholm into a green business beacon and transport hub for green fuels in the Baltic Sea. 

Why Bornholm?

The unique location

Bornholm's central location in the Baltic Sea makes the island an obvious center for green energy in the Baltic Sea area

Offshore wind capacity

Aside from the North Sea, Denmark's largest contiguous areas for offshore wind are located around Bornholm

Green energy for Denmark

By creating an energy island on Bornholm, we will supply as many Danes as possible with green electricity

Potentials and perspectives for the island of Bornholm

The potentials for Bornholm are manyfold, and therefore the Regional Municipality is working towards realizing visions and goals in collaboration with local businesses and organizations, as well as national actors and researchers in energy and wind techology. 

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Energy Island Bornholm

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